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Manage Your Floor.

MCMS helps you manage every corner of your floor and find the potentials for growth. MCMS provides you with valuable insight that drives you towards winning decisions when it comes to slot mix, promotions and customer relations.

Get the power you need to maximize your clients participation with the powerful tools the MCMS provides. PGD Ltd is commited to pringing the power of the network to your casino floor.

Every corner of your floor can be productive. Information helps you maximize your space and MCMS gives you that information.

Slot Management takes more than a spreadsheet

Multisite Management

As a casino operator you can access a single, central server that handles reporting for multiple locations. In addition to being able do custom reporting for all your systems or individual locations, you can define Wide Area Jackpots as well single promotions for cashless cards used across all sites.

Accounting and Custom Reports

The MCMS allows you to monitor wide sets of meters and access a wide variety of reports –NetWin reports, Accounting, Surveillance, Shift Reports, and many more. Custom reports can be added for you as required.


The MCMS Progressives Module gives you the option to design your own jackpot scheme. You can apply various filters and conditions in order to meet the exact conditions you desire to target different groups of customers.

Business Analytics

The integrated BI reporting module gives you a clear view as to which games perform the best at any location and how players spend. You can perform the adjustments you need to keep your customers active.

Get the most from SAS

Leveraging SAS connectivity empowers you to monitor your entire operation and improve your customers experience. MCMS builds on top of the latest software and hardware technologies, taking advantage of standard off-the-shelf network and computer equipment to keep installation costs down and performance high.

MCMS gets you in control of your slot machine floor. See how customers use your space and capitalize on each and every visit.

Information isn’t useful if you can’t read it

MCMS Provides instant feedback and monitoring of your slot machine floor. See how your customers are playing, where they are, and where they are going be. See hit counts and track player and slot machine statistics. You can track your customer flow over time and location easily. Information is Powerful. Get the information you need with MCMS

Real Time Reporting

Promotions Management

Slot Machine Floor Management

Get the pieces together – We make the puzzle simple.


Licensing the MCMS is simple, with several options available. Our rates start at €1 per day, or a full license can be purchased for €300 + Modules. Get in touch to find out the best strategy for your location.


Our Complete Services Guides will show you how to interface with your SAS compatible devices and signage. Premium, managed installation services are also available as well.


Our MCMS support packages can be handled via telephone, email or by direct connection to your system if you prefer. Any MCMS installation can be custom fit with a support package that works for you.